The first time I experienced Halloween was during a stay in the USA. Since my host parents lived very rural, the visitors were acquaintances from the neighborhood. The adults met for a nice get-together, and the children haunted and raved, creepily painted and disguised, in house and garden around. Only years later did this old, originally Irish, custom move into my homeland. What began with visits by small children and their mothers from the neighbourhood changed over the years. Now suddenly foreign youths rang the doorbell and demanded loudly for sweets. If one did not open the door it could happen that the entrance area was contaminated with toilet paper, toothpaste and shaving foam.  In general, they left a lot of rubbish in the streets, which had to be removed the next day by the residents.

These poor experiences have spoiled this actually cheerful, creepy event for me. And I am awaiting this evening with mixed feelings.

Still, my last illustration for #octoberkids2018 is a child in a Badman costume. And of course the poodle comes dressed up as well.

I wish all spooky ghosts a creepy Halloween!