I have always been a lover of Labrador Retrievers, and for many years I have been accompanied by an exceptionally spirited and amiable dog of this breed. Poodles I found, not only because of their appearance, not very appealing. Somehow they were for me: Walking fashion dolls with a bitchy behavior.

When our dear old Labrador was gone, I wanted to have a dog again. A life with a dog is just more enjoyable. My thoughts about a new companion was then, that it should bring along two qualities: It should lose as little hair as possible and not suffer from constant hunger. My search showed that there are actually such dogs namely poodles. But one has to be clear that the coat of a poodle has to be brushed and shorn regularly. With a big poodle, like ours, a rather time consuming procedure. Of course you can also have him clipped in a dog salon.

After having a poodle for two years now, I can only say positive things about this breed: poodles are very affectionate, funny, learn incredibly fast, and do any kind of nonsense. I have never had a dog before that I had been able to retrieve from a playing dog group in puppy age. However, I do not use the “liverwurst method”to train him. You can teach them a lot. They like to accompany you, even on long distances, but are also satisfied with short gaits. However, they can be very obstinate sometimes, a behavior one has to get along with.

With a sporty short haircut they do not have the traditional appearance of the former poodles. People always think our Charlie is a crossbreed. Of course I use him very often as a model for my sketches and illustrations. He will also be in my children’s book published in coming fall.