Have you ever tried painting with coffee?
On MeWe I was recently invited to join a group whose members do exactly that. It is worthwhile to have a look here.

Waiting for the Coffee to dry

My first attempt didn’t turn out very well because my coffee was too thin and I also used the wrong paper. The second attempt, this time on bamboo paper and soluble coffee powder, looked better. But I also had to find out: Coffee painters must be very patient people, because it takes endless time for the coffee colour to dry. To speed up the whole thing and make the texture of the painting more interesting, I spread some coarse salt. After everything had dried, I carefully removed the salt crumbs.

Of course I could have continued applying more layers of coffee, but since brown is not my favourite colour, I finished the paintings with gouache.
Here are the results.

Fantasievogel, mit Kaffee gemalt
Mein Kaffeehuhn