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Hedgehog Picture Book for Kids

Outside it slowly gets warmer and it won’t be long before the first hedgehogs run through the garden again.
Therefore I would like to recommend my hedgehog picture book to you again.

The story of my third children’s book is about the little hedgehog Jack who, to my greatest joy, has already captured the hearts of many children all over the world.

Here is a short summary of the content:

In a large garden there lives a hedgehog mother with her three children, Jack, Peter and Emma. Mother hedgehog could be so proud of her children, if only she didn’t have to worry about Jack. Unfortunately little Jack doesn’t show any interest in learning the things that are important for a hedgehog’s life. He much more prefers to chase fireflies or to entertain Dora the hen with exciting stories. He is so busy making friends with all the garden inhabitants that he has no consideration for the coming winter. And hedgehog mum’s warning words are ignored.

But even the nicest summer comes to end. While the siblings Emma and Peter work hard to collect twigs for their winter nest, Jack lies under a sunflower, daydreaming and humming funny songs. 

But what will he do when the autumn storms blow the leaves off the trees and the snow begins to fall?

Sleep well, little Jack Written and illustrated by Micha Klann English by Olga Shimelle.                                                                                                   A picture book for children ages 3 – 5.                                                                                                                              

The children’s book is available in several formats.
Book and ebook are available on Amazon:

Ebook with audio on the Apple Book Store:


Since 2014 I have been writing and illustrating books for children, mainly for preschool age. In the meantime I have published three animal stories. More picture books are in progress. If you are interested in readings (Kindergarten), my books or any illustration work, please feel free to contact me. I live with my family and a funny poodle in the beautiful Weserbergland, Germany.

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