Today I would like to give you a short insight into the creation of my new children’s picture book.
It will be another winter story with lots of snow and of course many animals.
The book is intended for children of pre-school age. I decided to create this book without text. Parents and children can enjoy the illustrations and invent a story together.

Once the content of the story has been invented, the planning of the pages begins. In the past, children’s picture books always had to have a certain number of pages. This was probably due to printing issues. Today one is more free in handling the book organization.

First sketches of the picture book

First many sketches are made. The final drafts are then united in a kind of book dummy.

picture-book-illustrations by Micha Klann
Preview of some of my picture book illustrations

A glimpse into my new picture book. There is still a lot of work to be done. But I hope that I can release the book in autumn.