Sweet Cherries and Books by Enid Blyton

Childhood Memories

Like this year, it was a summer full of sunshine and sweet cherries. As a ten year old city kid I had been able to spend the summer holidays in my grandma’s garden. These days meant not only endless freedom, but also lots of work in the vegetable garden: Peeling peas for hours, cutting beans and freeing them from their threads. Harvesting and preserving fruit. But often enough I could get away from work and vanish into the garden. Always accompanied by books, because I recently had become a bookworm.
My favourite place was high up in the branches of an old cherry tree. Yes, children used to climb on trees, these days. And of course they happened to fall down sometimes. Then they got thick sticking plasters on their knees and elbows and occasionally a plaster leg.

My absolute favorite author during that time was Enid Blyton. And the first book I read from her was: The Valley of Adventure.
This story, with the two siblings Philipp, Dina and Jack and Lucy, was so exciting, I couldn’t stop reading. And then there was this comical Kakadu Kiki, who always took part in all the activities. He was able to speak sentences like: “Poor Polly”, “Get the doctor”, “Don’t snoop”, “Open the kettle” and “Close the door”. Surely I would have loved to have such a tame animal companion.
During this summer I not only read most of Enid Blyton’s Adventure – books, but also gobbled up mountains of sweet cherries. Amazingly enough, without getting a stomach ache. Or at least I don’t remember it.