I Started a Digital Sketchbook

I have been using Procreate for my iPad illustrations for many years. Of course, I’ve also tried other drawing apps. But I keep coming back to Procreate. The app simply offers a lot of design possibilities. And it is updated regularly and new features are added.
Now I recently read a report about David Hockney and was surprised that he also uses the iPhon for some of his paintings. That there is the possibility to paint on the iPhone, I had missed so far. I was of course very pleased that Procreate also offers a pocket version for the mobile phone. Sure I wanted to try that right away. And what can I say, this app also works very well on the smaller device. However, the very small screen needs getting used to. I suppose D.H. is using a bigger mobile phone version.
Despite the size limitation I like the possibility to sketch on the iPhone. There are always waiting times somewhere, and now I can fill them well with drawing activities.

If somebody is interested to see his digital art follow the link

The following link leads to Procreate.