Improve your artist skills

Learn all your life, that’s my motto. For this reason I was on the Internet to find courses or instructions for artistic design. Since I live in a very rural area, there are no interesting programs for me on site.
I found numerous offers, all of them were located in the Anglo-Saxon area, and all of them were very expensive. Since I already have an artistic education, I didn’t necessarily want to start another course of study as a designer.
Then I found Skillshare. An internet forum where people with different backgrounds pass on their knowledge in short course units. The offers are of course different in level.
Last Sunday I took a course with Olga Bonitas and had a lot of fun with her instructions for watercolour collages. By the way, this is also a very nice idea for greeting cards. But only for very dear people, because the production of this small card took me several hours. I link here to Olgas course because I like her traditional style. I have also looked into all of her other offers and I think they might be helpful for anyone who wants to improve their watercolor skills. Try it and enjoy it!