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Illustration © Micha Klann

Children love search pictures and, as I noticed, not only the little ones.
I am currently working on my fourth picture book. Since I use the iPad for my book illustrations, it was a nice change for me to paint on paper using watercolor and ink. I could well imagine to create an entire book with traditional painting utensils, even if the process takes much longer. The greatest difficulty is to scan or photograph the finished illustrations for the book printing.

If parents with children read my posting: Eight animals are hidden in the meadow.
In my next blog entry I will give you a sneak peek into my next picture book.

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Leider nur gefrorener Salat ©MichaKlann

Older children’s books often contain many monochrome illustrations. Before digital printing, the conversion and printing of color images was much more complex and expensive.

For me the monochrome illustrations have a special magic. Sometimes I find it difficult to decide whether to paint monochrome or colour. For illustrations for very small children, I would always choose color.

Looking at the two pictures now, I can’t decide which of the rabbit pictures I like best. As I have only painted them for my own pleasure, I don’t have to make a decision. Which picture do you like best?

©Micha Klann