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Outside it slowly gets warmer and it won’t be long before the first hedgehogs run through the garden again.
Therefore I would like to recommend my hedgehog picture book to you again.

The story of my third children’s book is about the little hedgehog Jack who, to my greatest joy, has already captured the hearts of many children all over the world.

Here is a short summary of the content:

In a large garden there lives a hedgehog mother with her three children, Jack, Peter and Emma. Mother hedgehog could be so proud of her children, if only she didn’t have to worry about Jack. Unfortunately little Jack doesn’t show any interest in learning the things that are important for a hedgehog’s life. He much more prefers to chase fireflies or to entertain Dora the hen with exciting stories. He is so busy making friends with all the garden inhabitants that he has no consideration for the coming winter. And hedgehog mum’s warning words are ignored.

But even the nicest summer comes to end. While the siblings Emma and Peter work hard to collect twigs for their winter nest, Jack lies under a sunflower, daydreaming and humming funny songs. 

But what will he do when the autumn storms blow the leaves off the trees and the snow begins to fall?

Sleep well, little Jack Written and illustrated by Micha Klann English by Olga Shimelle.                                                                                                   A picture book for children ages 3 – 5.                                                                                                                              

The children’s book is available in several formats.
Book and ebook are available on Amazon:

Ebook with audio on the Apple Book Store:

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St. Nicholas Day / Nikolaustag

©Micha Klann

“No, I’m not stealing anything from the boots. I only help Santa Claus. I’m also curious what St. Nicholas put in the boots of the children this year. I would be very happy about dried bread leftovers, especially in the winter. So don’t throw dry bread in the trash, but bring it to me when you next go for a walk in the park.”

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A Raven Tale / Eine Rabengeschichte

In the next three postings I would like to introduce my picture books for children to you. They are animal stories with many colourful illustrations. Addressed are children between the ages of three and five years.

In den nächsten drei Postings möchte ich hier meine Bilderbücher für Kinder vorstellen. Es sind Tiergeschichten mit vielen farbigen Illustrationen. Angesprochen sind Kinder in der Altersgruppe von drei bis fünf Jahren.

Der kleine Rabe Franz / Little Raven Francis

First, I’d like you to meet the little raven Francis. Of course he is no ordinary bird, but one who is crazy about snow and his biggest wish is to go sledging. But unfortunately he doesn’t have a sledge. Because  his parents only gave him skates for his birthday, he first tries ice skating. But he does not succeed and leaves the ice with many tears and a big bump on the back of his head. “Sledging is certainly more fun,” he thinks and sets out in search of a sledge. On this way he meets many animals. No one can give him a sledge, but they all propose objects that he could use instead. But unfortunately, sledging with the replacements does not work either. Tired and hungry he visits his friend the butcher’s dog and complains about his failed attempts. The dear old dog friend scratches his ear absentmindedly and suddenly comes up with a wonderful idea.

A winter tale, with lots of snow, about a little raven, who despite many adversities sticks to his dream, which finally comes true at the end of the story.

Francis Loves Snow, written and illustrated by Micha Klann, English by Olga Shimell

If you want to acquire the book, please visit my book page for further information.

Als erstes möchte ich euch den kleinen Raben Franz vorstellen. Er ist natürlich kein gewöhnlicher Vogel, sondern einer, der ganz verrückt nach Schnee ist und unbedingt rodeln möchte, aber leider hat er keinen Schlitten. Weil er von seinen Eltern zum Geburtstag nur Schlittschuhe geschenkt bekommen hat, versucht er erst einmal das Eislaufen. Nachdem er mehrmals hingefallen ist,  zieht er die Schlittschuhe wieder aus und verlässt schluchzend, mit einer dicken Beule am Kopf, die Eisfläche und begibt sich auf die Suche nach einem Schlitten. Auf seinem Weg begegnen ihm viele Tiere, aber keines hat einen Schlitten für einen kleinen Raben. Dafür aber gute Ideen, wie man auch ohne einen Schlitten die Rodelpiste runterrutschen könnte. Leider sind diese Ersatzschlitten auch nicht passend für einen kleinen Raben, sodass Franz erst einmal wieder ins Dorf zurückkehrt. Nachdem der kleine Franz müde und hungrig seinen Freund, den Metzgerhund aufsucht und ihm von seinen missglückten Versuchen klagt, hat der liebe alte Hundefreund plötzlich eine wundervolle Idee.

Der kleine Rabe liebt Schnee, Text und Illustrationen von Micha Klann

Eine Wintergeschichte mit ganz viel Schnee, über einen kleinen Raben, der trotz vieler Widrigkeiten an seinem Traum festhält.

Falls ihr dieses Buch kaufen möchtet, findet ihr alle nötigen Informationen auf meiner Bücherseite.

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